One template, many outputs

In gomplate v3.3.0, you can now use `file.Write` and `tmpl.Exec` to render multiple output files from a single input template. _Read on to find out how..._

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Whipping tablecloths with Docker for AWS, CloudFormation, and Terraform

How to migrate Docker for AWS from a managed VPC to a pre-existing VPC

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About gomplate

An introduction to a project I've been working on for a long while...

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Verified GitHub commits with Keybase

How I set up GPG-signed commits with Keybase

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Getting YubiKey working with Docker Content Trust on OS X

Getting YubiKey working with Docker Content Trust on OS X This wasn’t as straightforward as I would’ve liked, so I’m documenting this here. First, some super-useful sources: Diogo Mónica’s blog posting from DockerCon EU 2015 (DOCKER CONTENT TRUST GETS HARDWARE SIGNING) docker/notary#779 (Improve docs for typical CI usage with docker+notary) The YubiKey PIV CLI tool v1.4.3 zip docker/toolbox#461 (from here I gleaned that /usr/local/docker/lib is understood by notary) I only figured this out because the folks above did most of the work! Read On →

Wii Balance Board Fitbit logger - Part 1

Wherein I think about hooking up a Wii balance board to the Fitbit API...

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Wii Remote Hacks

It’d be cool to use the Wiimote and/or nunchuck as an input device to control I dunno, a drone or something? Haven’t gotten very far, but here’s some links for posterity: wiibrew - lots of in-depth info, like docs for the various protocols and data formats, esp. around the ‘mote and nunchuck hackaday category - relevant articles gobot lib - i2c for the nunchuck nunchucky from Adafruit - breakout for nunchuck and other devices (like the classic controller) to use them directly


Ran into this a while back, but I keep forgetting about it: Using $ asciinema rec ... $ exit ... It’ll start a new shell and record all the things (including timing and mistakes!), then upload it to their site for serving. Modifying Download it: $ curl -sL > rec.json Edit the file… Upload it: $ asciinema upload rec.json Other useful options Record something that isn’t a shell: Read On →

Using Hugo

Hugo’s pretty simple to use, but I use it so sporadically I figured I should jot down how I use it… Note: All the following commands assume I’m in the /blog subdirectory of the repo. Installation I installed it with Homebrew: $ brew install hugo so to upgrade it I just brew update && brew upgrade. Previewing To get hugo to render on-the-fly: $ hugo server --watch --buildDrafts Writing new articles To start a new post: Read On →