Wii Balance Board Fitbit logger - Part 1

There was a pretty interesting post that I recently came across - basically a link to InitialState/smart-scale on GitHub .

The basic idea is you take a Wii Balance Board (the one that came with Wii Fit), and hook it up via Bluetooth to a Raspberry Pi 3 (or any other computer with Bluetooth).

When I was reading the post, I tapped my wrist and realized my Fitbit was out of battery power and I’d have to go charge it soon. This got me thinking… What if I could use my Wii Balance Board to send weight updates to Fitbit through their API?

Some gaps…

So there’s a few things I’ll need to figure out:

  1. What language do I want to write all this in?
    • The example’s in Python, but I’d prefer to use Go, because…
  2. How to authenticate with the Fitbit API?
    • They use OAuth2 (OAuth1 was deprecated and is no longer supported), and it seems I need to use the “Implicit Grant” flow
  3. I have zero knowledge of Bluetooth, so I’m sure there’ll be some stumbling blocks along the way…
    • Can I keep my Raspberry Pi in the basement but have the balance board on the top floor?

I’m going to get started (vaguely), and will report back in part 2! 👋

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